06. Hardwood

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Stunning Hardwood Timber Paling Fencing

Our Hardwood fences are widely sought after, and for good reason. Hardwood is beautiful and displays all the subtleties of the wood, its grain and its colour. This is why timber paling fencing is famous among the home owners in Newcastle ,Central Coast and surrounding areas. We, here at, All Hills Fencing, can help you find the right style and variation to suit your needs.
06. Hardwood
The most beautifully stunning natural wooden fence you can own for your property.
Hardwood Fencing
Product Variation & Styles Hardwood: Closed Paling Hardwood: Closed Paling > Large Image Beautiful, simple and stunning. Our Hardwood range of products suits a wide range of applications and situations. Our Closed Paling style is one of our most requested fencing types famous in Sydney, Australia. Call us today to discuss your needs. Free Quote Hardwood: Lapped & Capped Hardwood: Lapped & Capped > Large Image A lapped and capped paling fence uses the same basic principles of a lapped paling fence where the second layer of palings is strategically placed over the butt joints of the first layer of palings, sealing off any visible gaps that form due to the natural occurring shrinkage of the timbers over time, elegantly finished off with timber capping along the top of the paling line. Why not consider upgrading your posts to peak and routed posts to add a touch of class to the result. Free Quote Hardwood Lapped Paling Hardwood Lapped Paling > Large Image A lapped paling fence is where the second layer of palings are strategically placed over the butt joints of the first layer of palings sealing off any visible gaps that form due to the natural occurring shrinkage of the timbers over time. Its simplistic style ensures privacy and has great visual appeal. Don't delay, give us here at, All Hills Fencing, a call and discuss your needs. Free Quote Hardwood: Picket Hardwood: Picket > Large Image Love timber and looking for something a little different. You may want to consider a custom Hardwood Timber Picket fence. Combining a natural simplistic style with a visually appealing design, our picket fences are suitable for a wide range of applications. Free Quote
Product description When it comes to wooden fences, you cant look past our amazing range of Hardwood products. Hardwood is our strongest and most natural timber product we offer. We supply and install a wide range of grains and styles of wood to ensure that it suits your property and your needs.

Our Hardwood timber products are different from our Treated Pine products in that they are not chemically altered (As Treated Pine is 'Treated' to resist degradation in certain climates) . This leaves our Hardwood products looking amazing and natural and will suit any location on your property.

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Product Extras & Miscellaneous Our Hardwood Products are sourced from only reputable mills and suppliers across Australia, thus giving you peace of mind that only the finest quality timbers available in todays market are going into your fencing. So wether its the standard rougher header, kiln dried or through to one of the more elegant species such as 'merbau' that you require , we have you sorted.
There are a variety of picket styles available to choose from click here
This fencing type comes in a wide range of styles and heights. For your convenience we have listed our most common heights applicable for this type
  1. - Select Height
  2. - .900 mm
  3. - 1.2 m
  4. - 1.5 m
  5. - 1.8 m
  6. - 2.1 m
  7. - 2.4 m
  8. - Custom Height Required