01. Chainwire

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Strong chainwire fencing & Gates In Sydney

As one of the largest suppliers and installers of chain wire fencing and gates in Sydney, we, at All Hills Fencing, have the experience & expertise to manage your next chain wire fencing project from start to finish. Call us for all your chain wire fencing needs and services in Newcastle, Central Coast and Wollongong.
01. Chainwire
Protective, Strong and Durable, our Chainwire fencing is the perfect solution to your commercial or domestic needs.
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Product Variation & Styles Chainwire: Railless Chainwire: Railless > Large Image Our Railless Chainwire fences are great for when you need to have a fence that protects your site or property but doesn’t need the added extras like barb-wire and reinforcement rails. Free Quote Chainwire: Top Rail Chainwire: Top Rail > Large Image Sometimes, you need extra support and strength from your Chainwire fence. We can install an additional top rail on-top of your fence to give it added security and durability. Free Quote Chainwire: Top & Bottom Rail Chainwire: Top & Bottom Rail > Large Image Strong Chainwire fencing, reinforced with the added strength of both a top and bottom rail. An excellent variation of our standard Chainwire fencing product, suitable for multiple applications Free Quote Chainwire: Barb or Razor Wire Chainwire: Barb or Razor Wire > Large Image For applications that require extra security to your new Chainwire fencing, adding barb wire or razor wire is the key. All Hills Fencing has installed tens of thousands of kilometres of Chainwire Security fencing for numerous clients over the years in a variety of settings such as Rural, Commercial, Industrial, Airports, Correctional Facilities, Local Council & Government Facilities, Substations and along Rail lines in Sydney, Australia. So, whatever your needs are, contact the professionals at, All Hills Fencing today. Free Quote
Product description Chainwire or Chainlink as it is also commonly known, is a proven economically viable & efficient material which is ideal for a number of applications. Building & Construction sites, acreage, residential sites, factory enclosures, motorways, schools , sporting fields and anywhere temporary protective fencing is required to name a few.

Whether your concerns are security, appearance, access or budget you can rest assure that All Hills Fencing has the most effective and economical chainwire fencing and gate solution for your needs.

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Product Extras & Miscellaneous Extra information about chainwire This fencing type comes in a wide range of styles and heights. For your convenience we have listed our most common heights applicable for this type
  1. - Select Height
  2. - .600 mm
  3. - 1.2 m
  4. - 1.5 m
  5. - 1.8 m
  6. - 2.1 m
  7. - 2.4 m
  8. - 3.0 m
  9. - 3.6 m
  10. - Custom Height Required