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Chainwire fencing in Wollongong is also referred to as chain mesh. At All Hills Fencing we are among the best companies supplying chainwire fencing in the region. These products are tried and tested options for securing your property. We are certainly leaders in this type of fencing in the region. If you are looking for a fence that can help you save money you should choose a chainwire fence.This is the reason why you can use them to secure so many kinds of equipment and sites. 

A few words about us

We are among the few companies that make their chainwire fencing in Wollongong. Our products are in keeping with the high-quality standards that you need in Australia. We can also customise our products according to your requirements. Our high quality products are very durable and we stand by them. You will find them to need very little maintenance which is definitely a bonus.

Where can you use these fences the most?

These chainwire fences are used the most in commercial, agricultural, and industrial properties. At times, they are used to secure residential properties as well. You can also use them rather easily in the following applications:

  • roadways
  • ovals
  • pedestrian walkways
  • schools
  • parks
  • all kinds of sports facilities and complexes

You can also use chainwire fencing at your Wollongong property to create internal partitions and segregations in factories and warehouses.

Affordability and versatility 

When you are looking for a cost-effective solution to build a fence around your property you can be sure that it does not get any better than these. They’re both really effective and flexible.They are extremely flexible. You can also customise them just as you want to. 

It is a combination of all these factors that have made chainwire fencing  so immensely popular in Wollongong. It is a very versatile type of fencing with heaps of applications, rural and in town. This is one reason why it is such a natural choice for all these purposes. You can use it to create a divider or barrier. You can use these as internal fences as well.