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Hardwood Timber Paling Fencing on the Central Coast

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All Hills Fencing offers the best timber paling fencing on the Central Coast. These fences can be made from both hardwood and treated softwood. They tend to be more durable than the normal hardwood fences. The hardwood fences are tougher. 

Kinds of wood used for such fences

As far as these fences are concerned, pines are used the most. Among pines, cypress and Radiata, is used the most. 

Pine is a softwood that comes with wide grains. It is ideal for the likes of pressure treatment. Therefore, it is used so much for timber paling fencing in the Central Coast. In these cases, a preservative is used. It is this preservative that makes the softwood durable. Therefore, such treated softwood works so well in exposed and outdoor locations. 

How is such wood treated?

Soft timber is pressure impregnated by using a light organic solvent preservative. It is this preservative that gives the timber its greenish look, which stays as long as it is used.

You can paint or stain our treated timber paling fencing on the Central Coast just as you want to. If you wish you can leave them raw as well. 2 protection levels are most important in this context. The likes of rails and palings are used above the ground.

A few words on these fences

Paling fences comes in different styles & designs. However, you can have them in any design that you want to. The commonest style of timber paling fencing in Central Coast is the standard paling. In this case, the palings are nailed in such a way that they are beside each other. This leaves a really small gap among them in the region of 1-3 mm. If you want to know more about our products and services please drop us an email at sales@allhills.com.au.