Looking to Add Security to Your Home in Newcastle? Choose Contractors who Can Deliver Everything from COLORBOND to Timber, Glass, and Pool Fencing

For many homes, a fence is an essential part of protecting your property as well as the house itself. Fences can provide you with an instant increase in privacy, whether you’re seeking to obscure the view from the road or get some space between you and your neighbours. In some cases, such as when you need to add pool fencing to your Newcastle home, it isn’t just a matter of practicality, but of legal compliance too. No matter whether you’re thinking about replacing an old fence or you think it’s time to add one to your property, the next step is to choose fencing contractors in Newcastle you can trust.

At All Hills Fencing, our track record speaks for itself; with an extensive range of completed projects, we have the capability to work with a variety of materials in all kinds of locations. Why does experience matter so much? Consider all the aspects of a fence that must be in good order for it to stand the test of time. The materials must be of high quality, and the installation must exact to create an even and well-anchored fence. When protecting a pool, certain legislative requirements governing height and spacing need to be considered. The All Hills Fencing team is proficient in every aspect of project management — and we’re ready to help you make a beautiful addition to your home.

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Are you considering adding timber fencing to your Newcastle home? We offer both treated pine (a more affordable and classic-looking fencing material) and hardwood options. Both can help to add value to your property while creating a beautiful look which makes your outdoor spaces a pleasure to occupy. Treated COLORBOND fencing, for those who prefer a more vibrant colour over the natural wood tones, can also be a solid choice, providing years of good-looking protection in exchange for your investment.

What about options for pool fencing besides the typical metal bars? We offer the unique choice of glass fencing to our Newcastle clients, alongside the more traditional options. Glass preserves the clean lines of your home while providing a highly durable barrier that still complies with regulatory requirements. Frameless, semi-frameless and even fully framed glass options are available to suit individual tastes.

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With more than 60 friendly staff members working together to ensure your total satisfaction with the finished result, you will find All Hills Fencing to be a hassle-free choice for COLORBOND fencing in Newcastle. Understanding that this is an investment in your home’s safety and value today and into the future, All Hills Fencing believe achieving quality results is of the utmost importance. Whether you’re working on a tight budget or you have room to experiment, we’ll identify the most cost-effective and durable solutions for what you need. To find out more, please reach out to us today.