Using Timber and COLORBOND Fencing to Protect Your Pool: a Guide for Hunter Valley Homeowners

Swimming pools provide fun and relaxation for your family and your guests, but only when they’re well-maintained. Part of caring for your pool means making sure only authorised users have access to it at any given time. The easiest way to make sure that no one can take advantage of your pool without your knowledge and consent is to arrange for pool fencing at your Hunter Valley property. Both commercial and residential businesses can benefit from installing pool fencing on their premises, as long as they choose high-quality materials and professional installers with a reputation for performing thorough work.

COLORBOND and Timber Fencing: Ideal for Hunter Valley Swimming Pool Areas

Many pool owners in Hunter Valley prefer one of two materials for their fencing: timber and COLORBOND steel. Either of these materials may be appropriate for your pool fencing, but they have several key differences, therefore it’s important to learn about both before you make your choice. A brief explanation of each follows, along with their respective pros and cons:

  • COLORBOND Steel is specifically designed to provide both practical and aesthetic benefits to the people who use it. Not only is it often used in the construction of sheds and other outdoor buildings, but it can also be a valuable material from which to make pool fences because it offers so many eye-catching choices. COLORBOND steel comes in a wide range of different tones, shades, and pigments — so that it can keep your pool area safe from intruders without spoiling the atmosphere or intimidating guests!
  • Timber Fencing is strong, and when properly treated it can be resilient to numerous environmental conditions. It provides a classic, rustic appearance and is often appropriate for recreational facilities whose owners want a more down-to-earth look. Sturdy timber fencing can last for many years when it is diligently maintained.

Always Purchase Your Pool Fencing from Established Pros

No matter what materials you choose for your fencing, make sure you count on professionals to supply them for you and carry out the installation process. All Hills Fencing can help. Our company has spent years providing fencing to people near the Central Coast region, and we routinely install timber and COLORBOND fencing for Hunter Valley residents. Whether you are searching for a fence that will protect your pool while enhancing your outdoor decor and putting your guests at ease, trust us to install pool fencing that will look and function exactly the way you want.

Caring for your pool area helps ensure that it will always provide refuge and recreation for the people who are permitted to use it. Take care of their safety and privacy by counting on All Hills Fencing to provide Colorbond or timber pool fencing that will offer long-term value. Contact us today and learn more about our products, policies, and installation services so that you can choose a solution for your pool fence as soon as possible.