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Safety hoardings are used widely on construction sites in and around Newcastle to protect and contain the jobsite. Timber hoarding also offers security to the worksites while stopping the construction materials from spreading out as well as for preventing the public from entering the prohibited, dangerous work site. The main benefits of these hoarding are:

  1. These can be erected easily and quickly on different surfaces
  2. Impervious precautionary barrier
  3. Adjustable bracing meant for uneven ground
  4. These hoardings can often be custom built to suit the needs of the clients
  5. These hoardings often come with impervious precautionary barriers

And when you are in search of the best hoardings for your construction project in Newcastle, you can consider visiting All Hills Fencing.

Why All Hills Fencing?

At All Hills Fencing, we offer a wide range of hoardings, especially timber hoarding for different construction sites. And this allows us to set up the hoardings to the clients even with short notice. The hoardings that we offer are made of new and solid timbers and therefore these look fresh, clean, and more visible. At the same time, these hoardings also look practical and aesthetically appealing. Your company will not receive fines for rubbish escaping the site.

Apart from that, the range of timber hoarding choices that we offer suits many different types of worksites. Depending on the specific needs of the business, we can also customise the right hoarding solution.

Here at All Hills Fencing, we construct hoardings for:

  • Civil sites
  • Construction sites
  • Industrial sites
  • Commercial sites
  • Multi-level developments

What makes us popular is that the hoardings that we offer are safest and these also offer impressive resistance from unrivalled protection, vehicular impact, and slip-resistant flooring for both workers and pedestrians.

Hoardings that we offer:

Being a reputable name in the field of hoardings in Newcastle, All Hills Fencing specialises in supplying different types of timber hoarding solutions according to the varied needs of the business. Some of the hoarding types that we offer are:

  1. A-Class Timber: This type of hoarding perfectly meets different specifications and design plans to maintain a complete workplace and public safety. Being simple and secure this hoarding style is one of the most popular options among all.

A-Class Colorbond: This option of hoarding is completed with flashings and trimmings. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, this type of hoarding is available in different styles and shades.