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At All Hills Fencing we are the best name when it comes to fencing installations such as treated pine fencing in Newcastle. These are also known as paling fences. There are different kinds of timber fences out there. Fences made from treated pine are the commonest among them. 

They tend to be the most conventional choice.  Are you looking for boundary fences around your home? Then these are the ideal solutions for you, especially as they are so economical. These fences are made from top-quality materials using treated pine posts, palings, and rails. These palings are then buffed, butted or lapped.

This provides you all the privacy that you need for your home. This is one major reason why treated pine fencing in Newcastle is so highly sought after. This design is one important reason behind the low price of these products. Remember we are talking of the whole NSW (New South Wales) market over here. 

How does the treatment help?

Since the timber is treated, it can resist decay for a long time. It also offers a similar degree of resistance against insects. This is the reason why these products are so popular all-around Australia. Treated pine paling fences have long been the most popular choice all over Australia as they are hardwearing and need little maintenance.

Centre mortising your posts

If you want, we can also centre mortise your treated pine fencing in Newcastle. Besides, it simplifies the construction process significantly. Centre mortise makes your timber a lot stronger. This means it will last a long time as well. You can also mortise it on the sides. But it would not be as effective. 

Suits all your needs and requirements

You can be sure that we can offer you the best treated pine fencing in Newcastle. Our product would suit all the needs and requirements that you have. This includes your style-related demands as well. We are the top installation company of timber fencing in Sydney, Newcastle. and the surrounding regions. We have many different kinds of products that you may need. This includes the following:

  • closed paling
  • Ezi-Clip
  • lapped and capped paling
  • picket
  • lapped paling

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