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Slat Fencing By All Hills Fencing- The Best Way To Maintain Privacy In Your Property



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Privacy screen slat fencing is a popular choice for the inlays for brick fences. This is also a stylish and modern type of fencing that is available with a sharp finish and clean lines. As mentioned in the name, the screen slat fencing is often used for privacy. But this type of fencing is also used for boundary fences, mainly for the front areas of homes. Some property owners choose to install this type of fencing for hiding utilities like water tanks, rubbish bins, and air conditioners without restricting air circulation. 

Some of the benefits of installing privacy screen slat fencing are:

  1. Being highly versatile and due to the availability of different styles, this type of fencing is perfect for almost any type of home.
  2. Slat fencing can bring peace of mind that privacy is well-maintained. As these fences are around 1.8 meters high, often homeowners in Newcastle choose these fences to reinforce home security.
  3. As slat fencing is available in different materials and styles, it is impossible to beat the timeless character of this type of fencing.

All Hills Fencing is one of the leading names to rely on when it comes to choosing slat fencing in Newcastle. 

All Hills Fencing – an unmatchable selection of slat fencing:

Our company specialises in offering different types and styles of slat fencing which ensure  that homeowners can choose slat fences that match their lifestyle and property in Newcastle. The slat fencing that we offer can be installed diagonally, horizontally, or vertically. Apart from that, property owners can choose to use any type of spacing between the slats as well as having the slats installed at different angles. 

Types of slat fencing that we offer:

  • Treated Pine – This type of privacy screen slat fencing is a beautiful combination of timber slats which is also available in different cuts and stains.
  • Metal – This type of slat fencing is known for its durability, long-lasting nature, and attractive looks. It also comes in different styles and colours to suit the requirements of the property owners.
  • Knotwood: It is the most popular type of synthetic slat that gives the look and feel of natural wood. This type of slat fencing is also available in different styles and shades.
  • Lattice: This type of slat fencing is the best thing you can choose if you are in search of an elegant and modern fencing solution.