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Rural fencing is undoubtedly the easiest and safest way to protect agricultural properties from trespassers. At the same time, this type of fencing also keeps animals and livestock contained. Installing this type of fencing also ensures less money spent in the long run on maintenance and the desired peace of mind. The best part is that this type of fencing covers different types of fences according to the particular needs of people. All Hills Fencing is a renowned rural fencing specialist in Newcastle and we can assist you in choosing the right fencing for your rural properties.

What is special about the rural fences that All Hills Fencing offers?

The rural fence types that we offer at All Hills Fencing, come with functional designs that offer privacy, security, and that enhance the look and feel of the farm. We thrive on customer satisfaction. Therefore, we always strive to offer durable and best quality fencing that also looks great while providing the best performance. The use of the right machines and tools helps us to achieve this goal.

So, by choosing us for your rural fencing needs, you can be assured that you will get the job completed faster and in a professional way compared to other companies who may also be providing the same types of work in Newcastle. Additionally, you will get fencing at a great price.

Some reasons to choose All Hills Fencing:

We are well-known for:

  1. Great expertise and advice
  2. Quality workmanship
  3. Completely customisable service
  4. Reliable customer support
  5. Affordable rural fencing solution

Rural fences that we offer:

At All Hills Fencing, we offer different types of rural fences to suit different requirements of different farms in Newcastle. The types include:

  • Post & Rail: This type of fencing is highly functional, and it is available in variants like treated pine, hardwood, powder-coated steel, etc.
  • Livestock or Hinge Joint: If you are in search of fencing to keep the stock in while keeping the native animals off the road or the pests out, then this is the perfect option that you can choose. The best thing about this type of fencing is that it is available in different designs like steel or timber posts, designed netting, wire and barb options, star pickets, etc.
  • Farm Gates: Irrespective of your property type, this type of fencing will offer you the right sense of style, security and function.