The Benefits of Glass Pool Fencing and Where to Find Glass or COLORBOND Fencing and Privacy Screens in Sydney

If you have a swimming pool at home, then you already know you are required to build a fence around it to prevent accidental drowning deaths. This safety measure is especially important if you have young children. Fortunately, there are lots of options when it comes to pool fencing in Sydney. Many of these choices are attractive and affordable and will improve – rather than detract from – the look and value of your home.

Glass fencing in Sydney is an increasingly popular option. Here’s why.

Safety for kids and pets

Drowning is a leading cause of death for young children and, even worse, many of these deaths occur in the victims’ own backyards. Glass pool fencing is strong and sturdy, providing children and pets with a useful layer of protection from the pool even if you lose sight of them. This fencing is also extremely difficult to climb over, as it has no toeholds for kids to grab or step onto.

Peace of mind

Glass pool fencing offers you a peace of mind that other types of fencing can’t provide. That’s because the glass offers an unobstructed view of your pool area, which means it’s easier to keep an eye on your kids and monitor what they’re doing even when they’re metres away from you. With glass fencing, you’ll immediately see if something is amiss and be able to rush to your child’s aid quickly. Just knowing how much safer your children are with a glass fence will allow you to relax and enjoy your day.

Aesthetic appeal

A glass fence around your pool can completely transform the look of your property, adding a measure of elegance and beauty. Frameless glass fencing, in particular, can make your garden appear larger and more spacious because of the way it reflects sunlight. Many people also find they enjoy the “resort” feel these fences give their yards. If you need a fence but you want to make sure to keep up a modern, clean appearance, glass is the way to go.

Low maintenance

There’s very little maintenance involved in owning a glass fence. Keeping it clean and in good repair is easy and affordable–all you need to do is wash the glass with mild detergent and water now and then to keep it clear and sparkling. That’s all you have to do to maximise the look and lifespan of your fence.

Where to find glass fencing, COLORBOND fencing, and privacy screens in Sydney

Keep in mind the quality and aesthetic of your glass fence will depend on the skill and experience of the people who install it. At All Hills Fencing, we have the experience to complete projects of all sizes–small and large, residential and commercial. We offer a range of products, including privacy screens, glass fencing, and COLORBOND fencing in Sydney. Contact All Hills Fencing today for a consultation.