02. Colorbond

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Looking for an alternative to timber fences? Well our Colorbond® or Equivalent fences are easy to maintain, Strong, Durable, Resistant to termites and rot and yet makes a statement all at the same time. are just some of the reasons you will love our Colorbond or Equivalent fencing products
02. Colorbond
Strong, Sturdy and Amazing. Our new Colorbond® or Equivalent fences will suit your needs.
Product Variation & Styles Colorbond: Lattice > Large Image Why not have lattice for your Colorbond® or Equivalent fence? You get the added privacy of a taller fence with a great added aesthetic style. Free Quote Colorbond: Plinths > Large Image Plinths give the complete stylised look to your new Colorbond® or Equivalent fence, they extend all the way to the ground and blend in, seamlessly blending into the ground. They are the perfect solution to fill in unwanted gaps under the fenceline or stopping soil buildup from escaping under the fenceline into the yard without voiding your new new Colorbond® or Equivalent fencing manufacturers warrenty at the same time. Free Quote Colorbond: Standard > Large Image Our tried and trusted standard Colorbond® or Equivalent fence. A simple, elegant and cost effective way to provide privacy and peace of mine for your family. Free Quote Colorbond: Timber Sleepers > Large Image There is alot to consider when replacing your existing fencing. Even though your yard may appear flat and level there are always varying degrees in the natural levels of the ground which over time can change due to weather, climate and landscaping choices. Two very common things to consider are the possible creation of gaps under your new colorbond fencing that may not have been there before with your old timber fence or soil build up on both or one side of the fenceline. Did you know that soil coming in contact with the bottom rail of your new colorbond will void the warrenty. So if a plinth is not for you then a timber sleeper could be the solution. Free Quote
Product description At All Hills Fencing, our Colorbond® or Equivalent fence products are extremely high quality and will add both beauty & value to your precious home and landscaping.

It can be used in a variety of applications & comes in an array of colour schemes that complement the colour scheme of any home,

There are multiple styles to choose from also. You can have your fence with lattice applied on top for added privacy, and even plinths underneath if you require.

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Product Extras & Miscellaneous Our Colorbond® or Equivalent product range comes in over 30 different colours. There is bound to be the right colour combination to suit your property.

For information on the range of colours please visit the following link: View Colour Visualiser

Alternately, please view this simple colour chart here: View Colour Chart

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This fencing type comes in a wide range of styles and heights. For your convenience we have listed our most common heights applicable for this type
  1. - Select Height
  2. - 0.9 m
  3. - 1.2 m
  4. - 1.5 m
  5. - 1.8 m
  6. - 2.1 m
  7. - Custom Height Required