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Fencing is quite common all over Australia including Newcastle. Considering the demand, many reputable and popular contractors offer the best quality products and great services. But when you are in search of the best among the best in a fencing contractor, you should only choose All Hills Fencing.

All Hills Fencing is one of the most well-known fencing contractors in Newcastle. This company is very popular because of the quality of the products offered and the reliability of the services. Both of these have helped our company to build a strong reputation in different fields of fencing jobs. So, whether you need a commercial or residential fencing job on your property, we have the required skills and expertise to follow your ideas and then convert them into reality. 

Being in this field for several years, we have access to different types of fencing products. This ensures that we have something in stock to suit the needs of every property owner. As a leading fencing contractor, we can even assist you with some customised plans according to your needs and property types even if you don’t have any plan yet. We are well aware of what fences work for which type of property and we are also well aware of the strengths and weaknesses of different types of fencing.

Every fencing contractor in our company has many years of experience in this industry and has a thorough knowledge of different types of fencing services and fencing products. Therefore, contractors can only recommend you the best fencing according to your needs.

Now let’s have a look at the fencing types that we offer:

  1. Colorbond
  2. Chainwire
  3. Gates/automation
  4. Security
  5. Rural
  6. Glass fencing
  7. Slat/Privacy
  8. Handrails/Monorails
  9. Weldmesh
  10. Hardwood fences
  11. Treated pine fences
  12. Tubular/Pool fences

Things that make us different:

  • At All Hills Fencing, we always ensure that the overall experience of every client in Newcastle regarding fencing goes above and beyond their expectations.
  • Installing a new fence or replacing an existing one is always a stressful job so we aim to remove this stress by simplifying the entire process.
  • Apart from the best quality fencing products, we are also well-known for superior customer service. Both of these things give our clients the flexibility to rely on us for comprehensive fencing solutions.