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Fencing is a vital and much-needed addition to every commercial and industrial property in Newcastle. Besides, hoarding fences also offer an easy and quick barrier to falling objects, debris, and dust. Factory or commercial hoardings are manufactured from different types of materials to cover both regional and local regulations. Besides, in some cases, the factory fencing can display the logos or colours associated with a livery and matching gates can also be installed along with that.

Some of the reasons for installing factory fencing are:

1. Containment of materials, works, and debris

2. Public protection

3. Impact resistance

4. Exclusion of the unauthorized people

5. The arrest of dust and flying particles

When it comes to choosing the best factory commercial hoarding fencing, All Hills Fencing is the name you should consider. At this company, we specialise in developing customised hoarding and fencing that suit the specification of different commercial properties. Our factory fencing ranges are designed and engineered to comply with Australian standards. To develop these fences, we use different types of cost-effective materials like timber and steel that are mostly disposable or reusable. Besides, these materials also reduce noise pollution effectively while offering a traditional look and feel.

Being one of the most experienced and reliable fencing specialists in Newcastle, we are well aware of the compliance issues of  erecting temporary fences in the local area. Therefore, we always help our clients in meeting the work schedules in the factories while saving costly delays, unwanted injury, vandalism, or theft. The factory fencing solutions that we offer are the perfect blend of different innovative and conventional materials that suit every factory type in Newcastle for both internal and external applications.

What makes us the best?

One of the best things about the factory,  commercial or industrial hoarding fencing solutions that we offer in Newcastle is that these are quite simple to install, and can be used in different situations. Besides, these fences are renowned for durability and strength. Apart from offering an additional option for securing factories, the portability feature of these fences allows people to dismantle these easily when no longer required. Apart from that, these fences are precisely engineered to detailed specifications. In this way they can offer safe partitioning of both small and large areas effectively.

So, whatever factory fencing you may have, contact us to get the solution that meets your specific needs.