Hoarding and Chain Wire Fencing Available for Commercial Projects in Newcastle

Industrial & Commercial Fencing Solutions

Unlike domestic builds, commercial construction typically happens among established buildings that are open for business. In public spaces and commercial zones, hoarding or chain wire fencing is required to contain the worksite and keep the public from wandering into dangerous areas.

Commercial fencing for Newcastle projects is temporary and easy to erect. Used around the entire worksite’s parameter, material quantities vary. This makes it impractical for construction companies to own their fencing. Instead, most hire a fencing service that erects and disassembles temporary fencing for them. A successful construction company doesn’t have time to establish a new commercial fencing source for each job. Instead, they turn to All Hills Fencing, a trusted supplier of chain wire and hoarding fencing for commercial construction.

Options for Commercial Fencing in Newcastle

Perhaps, the most used industrial fencing is the chain wire fence. Minimal material use keeps this fencing option lightweight, while the metal provides a strong barrier against breaching attempts. We offer a variety of chain wire fencing for Newcastle projects. Rail less, the most common chain wire fencing, is supported by vertical posts at measured intervals. Top rail and top and bottom rail fences reinforce your fence’s structure. Lastly, barb or razor wire fences provide extra security acting as a deterrent to would-be trespassers.

Hoarding fencing is temporary fencing made of timber or steel and is used around construction sites to keep onlookers from getting too curious. These fences provide construction site privacy, ideal, if the equipment is left out. Hoarding fences offer more protection should mechanical work be performed near the parameter of the site. Sparks can easily fly through a chain wire fence and burn passers-by while hoarding fencing stops the same spark. Many construction firms choose hoarding fencing for Newcastle projects because the solid timber or steel acts as a sound barrier while its flat surface provides advertisement space.

Quality, Reliability, and Efficiency from All Hills Fencing

A well-oiled machine of 20 years, we have become the leading supplier of chain wire fencing to Newcastle, Sydney, and the Hunter regions. We offer practical solutions at affordable rates with prompt service and no gimmicks. We have established strict quality control standards to ensure each job is completed to your 100% satisfaction. Our workmanship warranty covers all projects. Talk to our friendly and knowledgeable office team about additional warranties available for your project as manufacturer’s guarantees vary in duration and coverage.

When you call, we’ll set up a convenient time for our estimations team to meet with you to discuss your project needs. We’ll go over the different fencing we offer and establish which fencing option, chain wire or hoarding, is best for your project. Once you accept the offer on your free quote, we’ll arrange a time for our team to deliver and erect the temporary fencing. Upon your project’s completion, our team will return to collect the fencing. Our longevity has allowed us to build long-lasting relationships with suppliers affording us lower costs that we pass on to our customers. For a cost-efficient solution to all your team’s projects, choose All Hills Fencing.